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Kayibiza LOunge #RespectTheLOunge is a music fanatic who embraces lOunge music and all of its variations within the Culture (namely Lounge, Neo-Soul, Rhythm & Blues). Kayibiza LOunge is a total lOunge brand and a DJ Interviewer (with the aim of trying to bring the fans closer to their favourite DJs/Producers and their behind the scenes lifestyles, as an interviewer I have come to realise that most fans yearn to have intimate knowledge of their favourite producers, We at Kayibiza LOunge #RespectTheLOunge bridge this gap).

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Kayibiza LOunge #RespectTheLOunge is a brand/label for apparel and music awareness. A brand inspired to celebrate and invigorate Feel Good Music and allow for different sounds to be engaged and shared through the medium of a Podcast. Music lovers will share their musical stories through the Event #RespectTheLOunge and create a network for distribution deals for producers.